Whole Life Worship Community in Ministry

In previous blogs I’ve written about the power of “spiritual friendships” in fostering Whole Life Worship. It is very encouraging and empowering when you can meet regularly with a spiritual friend and check in on your Whole Life Worship experiences. Like it says in Ecclesiastes 4:11-12: If two lie down together, they will keep warm. … Continue reading Whole Life Worship Community in Ministry

Christianized Self-Improvement or Genuine Transformation?

Last week we touched on the difference between “deliverance” and “transformation.” Deliverances are those profound graces that God gives to us at a deep time of need to overcome sin, provide victory over darkness and bring forward progress in our walk with Christ. These miracles and epiphanies show to us that God does indeed exist, … Continue reading Christianized Self-Improvement or Genuine Transformation?