Lessons from Dialysis: Fill, Dwell, Drain … repeat

I don’t miss dialysis one bit. It was hard, uncomfortable, inconvenient and sometimes unbearable. But it kept me alive. And I learned so much from this unique experience of having to do it over the past five months. God used this unpleasant time to teach me things I would have never learned otherwise. And so … Continue reading Lessons from Dialysis: Fill, Dwell, Drain … repeat

Live Update #2

Hey all, Jon here. Dad asked me to send updates when something happens. Right now dad is sitting in bed waiting until 9 and then they’ll take him into surgery.  Prayer Request: Doctor says that his potassium levels are a little high, but it looks as though they’re still going through with the operation. 

Live Update #1

Hi everyone! We’re here at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Its 4:43am and we’re waiting for check in. After that they’ll be checking my potassium level and if all goes well, Letty will be prepped for her surgery in the morning. Dr. Baldwin will be doing the procedure of removing Letty’s left kidney. It should … Continue reading Live Update #1