The Lord’s Prayer “Double-Take”

Undoubtedly, the Lord’s Prayer is one of the most powerful ways we can pray. In it, Jesus brilliantly covers the gamut of those essential aspects of relationship, worship, alignment, confession, and intercession through this short, but profound, prayer. I’ve always looked at the Lord’s Prayer more as a “prayer principle” than something that has value … Continue reading The Lord’s Prayer “Double-Take”

The Secret Power of Welcoming the “Un-welcomable”

As we seek to worship God with our everyday ordinary lives, one of the biggest hurdles to meaningful connection is when we encounter those situations that overwhelm us: trials, conflicts, roadblocks, setbacks and the like. Usually, there are strong emotions that accompany these events, like fear, anger, anxiety, sorrow or discouragement. If you’re like me … Continue reading The Secret Power of Welcoming the “Un-welcomable”