WholeLifeWorship Prayer – Putting On My Game-face

I love watching athletes doing their pregame rituals. Whether it’s LeBron James throwing up the chalk, Nomar Garciaparra’s obsessive batting glove routine before each pitch or Tiger Woods wearing his red shirt before the last round of a tournament, pregame rituals are a way for athletes to put on their “game face.” It’s a way … Continue reading WholeLifeWorship Prayer – Putting On My Game-face

Renewing Our Thinking Through Thankfulness

(This week I am excited to welcome our guest WholeLifeWorship blogger, Pastor Michael Westfall, to share his insights with us. I've known Michael for 14 years, having served with him on our church pastoral staff. Michael is currently Associate Pastor at GracePoint Church near Portland, OR. He and his wife, Krista, are dear close friends … Continue reading Renewing Our Thinking Through Thankfulness