About Whole Life Worship

Worship is more than a song or a corporate gathering on a Sunday morning. Based on Romans 12:1-2, it is the offering of our whole lives to God as a response to his mercies and greatness. Through this surrender, God renews our minds and transforms our character towards Christ-likeness. “Whole Life Worship” is an invitation for Christ-followers to worship God with their lives (1) through personal devotion in solitude, (2) through the happenings in their every day ordinary, (3) through opportunities God opens up for them in ministering to the world, (4) through intentional spiritual comradeship in small community, and (5) through the Movement of the congregational gathering.

This is a site where I will post blogs, articles, sermons and resources that promote the concept of Whole Life Worship. I’m in the process of writing and publishing a book about Whole Life Worship, and I’ll give updates on the progress of that project as well.

I’ll be blogging five days a week (M-F) and posting the blogs so that you can read them first thing in the morning. I think they will be helpful in your devotions. You can subscribe and have the blog posts sent directly to your email. If you like them and they are helpful to you, I encourage you to let others know about this.

I welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas. I believe Whole Life Worship is a concept that has barely scratched the surface in current Christianity. I also believe the more conversation we have about it, the more we can learn from each other, and the more we can advance this badly needed paradigm in our world.

So join me in the journey of realigning our lives to the worship of God that goes beyond singing songs or once a week gatherings! Let’s see where God takes us as we seek to honor him by the relinquishment of our whole lives to him.

4 thoughts on “About Whole Life Worship

  1. Looking forward to the journey! Your Mom started me on a journey way back when and it is a Blessing to be able to continue the journey with you! God Bless

  2. In our Sunday School Class we had three nameplates bearing acronyms that sat on the shelf above the class.
    One read . . .
    WATC . . . We Are The Church
    another . . .
    SDAW . . . Seven Days A Week
    and . . .
    LILYBI . . . Live It Like You Believe It

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