Wired for Connection – part 2


(This week’s blogs will focus on the Personal Worship Movement of Whole Life Worship)

Yesterday I discussed how God uniquely creates each of us, including the unique way He has wired us for connection. Many of us were taught one way to connect with God, not realizing that there might be other ways that are more in line with our spiritual temperament.

Today I want to explore some other factors that will help us to find our most powerful connection with God in Personal Worship.

Time of Day

It is easy to assume that our Personal Worship time should take place at the “crack of dawn.” I usually have my time in the morning, but for many that is not the best time to spend with Jesus. I believe that, if at all possible, we should give the Lord the best time of our day. For some it might be later, like mid-day. I know some Christ-followers who love to use their lunch break as a time to meet with Jesus. They go to their cars, eat their lunch, pray, read Scripture, listen to a worship song – whatever helps them to best connect with God. For others it might be the evening, after dinner or before they go to bed. The thought is that Personal Worship doesn’t have to take place in the morning. It should be at the time of day where you can be most attentive to the Lord.


My early concept of devotional time was in a closed room at my desk in total silence. And while I prefer being at my desk in a quiet room (I have an ascetic-contemplative temperament), for others that would be considered “spiritual torture”! What is a good environment for you? Some prefer a couch by a window. Others like to be in a rocking chair in the bedroom or out on the patio (I enjoy that, too – weather permitting). For a season, I spent my Personal Worship while walking around the neighborhood (I have some naturalist tendencies, too) – a prayer walk! Some like to use their time in the car while commuting to work or school as their “sanctuary” with Jesus.

Spiritual Disciplines

I was taught that the typical “quiet time” is this balance of prayer, Bible Study and reflection (often journaling). Again, this seems to work well with me but it is definitely not for everyone. And there are more forms of spiritual discipline than those three. (I encourage you to get #SpiritualDisciplinesHandbook by #AdeleCalhoun #IVP #Formatio. She lists dozens of spiritual disciplines/practices (63, to be exact) that strengthen our connection with God) In fact, it is good – if not, necessary – that we expand the scope of spiritual disciplines for our maturity in Christ. Just remember, Personal Worship is not about doing a task but meeting with a person. As #RichardFoster told me, “Spiritual disciplines cannot create the grace of God. They merely put us in a position to receive it.”

I encourage you to explore different times, environments, and spiritual disciplines as you spend glorious time with Christ in Personal Worship.  And even though my spiritual temperament prefers the “classical approach,” it is so good and refreshing to try something new. I often find some amazing “God surprises” waiting for me when I do!

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