Ambushed by God!


I have a confession to make: there are days when I don’t spend time with God. I don’t like it and I try to keep this from happening, but sometimes it just does.

Last Friday was one of those days. After my morning workout at the gym, I had to take a quick shower and rush to an early morning breakfast meeting with a friend. So my Personal Worship Time with Jesus got skipped. I did have a few moments later that morning and I could have spent time with the Lord, but my mind was so preoccupied with other things that I didn’t get around to it. I thought about it. I intended to do it. But I didn’t.

Later that day, I was practicing a new worship song we are introducing to the church next week: None but Jesus (Hillsong). I was at the piano, while listening to the song on my laptop. I would listen to a section, learn it, and then try to sing and play it on the piano. Finally, I got the whole song down. And as I played and sang the song, I got ambushed … by God!

Something, rather Someone touched my heart and my soul at that very moment and I started to weep tears of joy. I felt warmth all over my body. I couldn’t sing any more. Something more important was happening to me.

Total connection with Jesus.

It was as if He came up behind me and gave me a big hug. It reminded of the times when I periodically did that to Letty: wait until she was unaware of my presence, sneak up behind her, and just grab her from behind and hug her – and not let go! Those were times when the “total” love I have for her was so overwhelming I couldn’t contain it.

Well, that’s what I felt with God at that moment: Total love. And with a little mischief behind it!

Sometimes I forget that love is a two-way street with God. Yes, I need to seek after God. Yes, I need to spend time with Him. But I forget that He seeks after me and that He desires to spend time with me. So every now and then, when I am unaware of His presence, He’ll sneak up behind me and ambush me with His love.

Isn’t that like our God?

Have you ever been “ambushed by God”?

How did it happen? How did you feel?

There is no one else for me, none but Jesus

Crucified to set me free, now I live to bring Him praise

All my delight is in You, Lord – all of my hope, all of my strength

All my delight is in You, Lord – forevermore

 “None but Jesus” by Brooke Fraser

One thought on “Ambushed by God!

  1. God has Ambushed a few times and I can remember it so clearly, and both times that come to mind is when I was feeling pretty bad and not sure of anything, HE came to me and wrapped HIS arms around me and actually carried me for a period of time! I am so in LOVE with the Father and HIS perfect LOVE is all I NEED! Thank you Doug for reminding me!!!!!!!!

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