How Are You Living Out Whole Life Worship?


My desire in doing the Whole Life Worship blog is two-fold. First, I want to share what God has put on my heart with regard to Whole Life Worship. I believe that our current culture’s perspective on worship is missing something. It tends to limit the definition of “worship” to the worship service or worshiping through music or liturgy. But the Biblical definition of worship (in Romans 12:1-2) is so much more than that: Worship is the offering of our whole lives to God in response to His great mercy and grace through Christ. Worship involves us in the process of transformation; that the offering of our lives and the surrendering of our will to God changes us from the inside-out. Much of this type of worship takes place outside of the worship service and has very little to do with singing a song (although we often find ourselves singing when we see God at work in our lives!)

After three months of blogging, I think we are getting the idea of what I am talking about. There is still much more to write on Whole Life Worship, but now I want to bring some focus to the other purpose of this blog:

I want you to share your Whole Life Worship experiences with me and, if appropriate, to our Whole Life Worship Blog community.

I realize that my experiences with Whole Life Worship are limited to ummm … my experiences. It is just one person’s perspective. But God has given each of you unique experiences with Him in Whole Life Worship. And I want to hear about it, learn from it, and pass it on to others.

I think that some of you have some amazing, wonderful, and very practical things to share on this topic. But you might feel a little intimidated or reluctant to share with the blog community. Or you might not feel very confident about your ability to communicate through writing.

So let me throw this out to you: if you have a Whole Life Worship experience you would like to share with me, send it to me via email. If it’s something that I think would work well for our Blog, I’ll rewrite it and, with your permission (including whether you want to be named or anonymous), I’ll post it so we can all benefit from it.

How does that sound?

Send your contributions to

Let the Whole Life Worship Community speak up and give glory to our awesome God!

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