It’s Okay to be Weak


I am sick. I came down with what seems to be a cold/flu a couple of days ago. It started with a dry cough that got more annoying as the day progressed. Then came the fever/chills/headache. And now the congestion is taking over my head. I think you know what I’m talking about.

I felt awful and not having much energy to do much of anything. So I did an emergency re-blog yesterday. I had to cancel playing in a golf tournament (that I paid $100 – but it was all for raising funds for our youth camps). I had to cancel an appointment with one of my key leaders. I mustered up enough energy to attend the luncheon for the tournament so I could connect with my playing partner whose wife just had a baby. I took a nap all afternoon so I could have enough energy to lead a Worship Team rehearsal. And now, as I write this at 10pm, I’m spent.

I feel pretty worthless, that I really don’t have much of anything to give. I was going to re-blog another article for today, but I got the feeling that I needed to just write about what I’m going through. After all, Whole Life Worship is not just something we live out when we are feeling “nice and chipper.” It’s a way of life even when we feel lousy or sick or discouraged or tired. What makes Whole Life Worship transformative is that we just give God what we have – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and let Him do His thing.

The verse that comes to mind is 2 Corinthians 12:9 where the Lord tells Paul, in the midst of his terrible affliction: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

I’m the type of person who does not want to be weak. I don’t want to look weak. I don’t want to be perceived as weak by others. But God is teaching me that being weak is okay. It’s even good because I learn to trust Him and others in the process. I learn how to receive grace; and if there is something that Christians need to be experts in, it’s in receiving grace (so we can also give it freely to others).

So today I was weak. But God was gracious. Although the blog was a re-blog, one of our readers commented that she really needed to re-hear the message about the Whole Life Worship components (thanks, Lynne!).

I missed the golf tournament, but not only was my golf partner (his name is Tony) very gracious to me when I texted him that I would not be able to play, our team got 2nd place in the tournament. They each got a trophy – and they gave me one, too! (I guess they felt I contributed to their win by not playing!) Funny, I also won one of the raffle prizes at the tournament luncheon.

Tonight at Worship Team rehearsal, I shared with the team that I was not feeling well. They responded by playing and singing their hearts out, by giving a great effort, and by encouraging me (grumpy as I was at times) throughout the rehearsal. We left with glad hearts, ready to serve this weekend for the Worship Services.

In my weakness, I see I have much to be thankful for. I don’t need to be strong all the time. In fact, I learn the best lessons when I am less than my capability. In my weakness, I see how God demonstrates grace to me through circumstances and through people. And sometimes, when I’m weak, I get some nice surprises – like a golf trophy and winning a raffle drawing – thrown in.

God really is good, in more ways than we realize.

One thought on “It’s Okay to be Weak

  1. Doug, I am so sorry you are feeling this way but at the same time I am actually blessed that you are going through this weak period because you shared something helpful and encouraging to me. So, thank you for sharing your struggle with us and trusting us in your vulnerable state. I struggle with so many of my weaknesses including a chronic weakness of fatigue. The fatigue leaves me with very little energy or mental capacity from which to give sometimes and I am tempted to feel worthless and believe in a lot of other lies from Satan as well. One of the temptations I experience is to rely on my own strength and my accomplishments in order to please God, myself and others, rather than relying on God completely allowing my focus to be on solely pleasing him and not others. If God only allows me a certain amount of strength, then asks me to do more than I am able, he will give me the faith and strength to accomplish his will. In the same respect, if my strength is limited and I cannot accomplish something I desire, then perhaps it simply isn’t his will for me to do it even if it is a good thing to do. Your reminder of God’s word (2 Corinthians 12:9) and your story has encouraged me to stay focused on God and not myself and allow him to fill me completely and not rely on other things to accomplish this, so thank you. I also continue to pray that God brings you to complete healing soon. God bless you, Doug.

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