The Spiritual Discipline of … Vacation!


I will be taking vacation (or as some of you from the UK would call it, “holiday”) over the next week and a half. I view this as a spiritual discipline of extended Sabbath and replenishment. Of course as Whole Life Worshipers, all we do is somehow linked into our spiritual relationship with God (either pulling us closer or leading us away).

During this time I will not be writing new blogs. It was a hard decision as I love to write and I love how it causes good interaction between us (those of you who comment – your comments are inspiring and give me greater food for thought). However, writing is work and I need to pull away from work and allow God use the rhythm of Sabbath to restore my being. As well, I’ve been reading some good stuff (especially Henri Nouwen’s “The Way of the Heart”) which reminds me that the “words” that bless and give life come from the wells of silence before God. So if I want to continue to write things that are edifying and helpful, I need to take some time off and allow God to work in me through the discipline of silence (that is, not writing). The last thing I want to be is some babbling idiot trying to find new words to fill a blog space each day – or to keep such writing at a minimum.

But the blog will go on. I’ve written over a hundred blogs since I started and some of you may not have had an opportunity to read some of my earlier blogs (although some of you have read all of them – thank you!) So I will re-post some of the best of the Whole Life Worship blogs over the next week and a half. I will be “back in the saddle” again on Monday, June 24th with new blogs and, God willing, new inspiration.

I want to also take this opportunity to thank all of you who prayed for me when I was sick last week and this weekend. God definitely heard and responded to your prayers as I had strength to minister at church in the midst of my sickness (without getting anyone sick – which is not easier for someone who likes to give hugs and handshakes, like me. Let’s hear it for the “fist bump”!) I think I am fully recovered from the illness, which is good because I’m going on … vacation!

As we enter into the vacation season, I want to strongly encourage us to not take a vacation from God. Actually, vacations are a gift from God and we do Him honor by thanking Him for the opportunity extended Sabbath and by keeping our spiritual rhythms of Whole Life Worship going as we celebrate our “holiday.” So here’s to great vacations and great experiences with our great God!

One thought on “The Spiritual Discipline of … Vacation!

  1. I hope you enjoy your vacation and am thankful you have recovered from your illness.

    I spent part of yesterday catching up on a week of your blogs, so now I’m all caught up. Your writings always inspire me. Thank you again for what you do.
    As a blogger, I fully understand the strain of daily writing. Sadly I have really slowed down; still I’m maintain my site as I hope to write more regularly in the future.

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