Planting Seeds Through Breath Prayer


Here is an idea that I got from one of our Whole Life Worship Blog community:

I was talking with one of my customers the other day. In the course of our conversation, she shared some deep anxiety about something she was going through. I told her that I could relate; I had gone through some similar experiences. Then she asked me, “So what helps you?” I told her simply, “Breath Prayer.” “What’s a ‘breath prayer’?”

I explained that a Breath Prayer is a very simple one line prayer to God that addresses my point of need directly. For example, “God, show me the way” or “God, help me find peace.” We pray this prayer as often as we need to; it could be a hundred times in an hour or periodically as the anxious thoughts come our way. I told her that God loves to answer our Breath Prayers.

She shared with me, very candidly, “I’m not sure if I believe in God.” At first, I didn’t know what to say – and in that moment I shot up my own Breath Prayer: “God, give me what I need to say.” Then I said, “That’s okay. God believes in you. What could it hurt to try?” And she said, “I think I will. Thanks!”

I realize that I didn’t ask her to accept Jesus Christ as her Savior or give a Gospel presentation. I sensed that she wasn’t ready for that. But she was ready to pray. I planted a seed and I trust that God will help that seed to grow.

I told my friend that this was a brilliant idea: using Breath Prayer as a way to help people find God. To tell you the truth, I’ve always thought Breath Prayer as an “advanced” concept for those who are mature in the faith (see WLW Blog on 7/3/13). But Breath Prayer is about as simple and basic as it comes. It is from the heart. It comes from a place of need and desire. It is something anyone can do, no matter where they are in their relationship with God. And most importantly: it moves people toward God. In doing so, it gives people the ability to recognize it when God responds to them.

It also gives us, who are somewhat timid but otherwise desirous, a way to point people to God that is genuine, organic and non-threatening. It is helping people through the ways God has helped us.

Of course, this assumes that we, ourselves, are practicing Breath Prayer. It would be less than authentic to suggest such an idea unless it is something we actually do in our own lives.

I’m convinced that because my friend practices Breath Prayer, that God opened his heart and this opportunity to share the goodness of God with his customer. And who knows where this will lead? It is just a seed, but didn’t Jesus say the Kingdom of God is like a seed (Mark 4:26, 31)?

Are there other Whole Life Worship practices you utilize that can help an unbeliever turn to God?

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