Getting the Cart back behind the Horse


I apologize for the lack of posts these past couple of days. To be honest, I was depleted. I just had nothing to write, nothing to say. Along with the travel, being with family and Thanksgiving preparations (all of this good), there were additional issues that sapped my soul: the death of my Grandma, the preaching of a sermon (not one of my regular duties), and some personal turmoil that my family is facing.

In the midst of this, God spoke in His still, small voice: “You can give the blog a break. You were beginning to put the cart in front of the horse, anyway.”

As usual, the Lord was right on. As much as I love writing this blog, I had become so consumed with the responsibility of putting it out every week day, feeling so “important” because others were counting on me, and somewhat prideful in the growing readership, that I lost track on why I’m doing this:

To pursue the depths of God’s transforming work in me and others through Whole Life Worship.

I had made the blog more important than the journey of transformation. The blog is nothing more than the sharing of this journey with other sojourners. I realized that the blog is not the journey, nor is it more important than the journey. So, out of obedience to God and respect for my soul, I took a “break.”

And I have to be honest with you, it felt good to take a break.

I’m back again, and my intention is to keep the weekday output. But I am considering some tweaks in the blog so that I don’t get caught putting the proverbial horse before the cart again. Let me run them by you:

1. I’m going to try to write shorter blogs. (Some of you are rejoicing, aren’t you!)

2. I might take a break now and then. I want inspiration and insight to take the lead on this blog, not some codependent feeling that I have to “get something out” for my constituency.

3. I want to leverage more input and inspiration from you (the reader). You might have questions or thoughts about Whole Life Worship that will help me in writing this blog.

Can I ask you to share them with me? I can’t promise that I will use every one, but they will definitely “kick start” my thinking. If you are subscribing, you can “reply” to this blog. If you are reading this on Facebook, you send me a message; my user name is “Douglas M. Lee”. Or you can email me at:

Thanks for your support! Let’s keep encouraging each other to live for, with and through Jesus 24/7 in Whole Life Worship.

7 thoughts on “Getting the Cart back behind the Horse

  1. Doug,
    I follow several blogs. On busy days, I must choose priorities. I may skip the other blogs, but I always read yours. It is important to take breaks. Shorter blogs may make the task less overwhelming. I want to encourage you as a brother that the thoughts you send out have made a difference in my walk with God and have focused my thoughts where they should be. If you ever ask yourself the question, “Am I making a difference?” The answer for me is a resounding, “Yes!!!” Thank you.

  2. Thankful to have you back helping start my day off in a good way – but even more thankful for your honesty and your heart. Any blog with full integrity of heart is better than many blogs from lesser motives. (not that it showed to us, the readers!) Love you and hope your day is bright and blessed. Benjamin

  3. We are blessed by your blogs but we do understand that there are times when the well seems dry and you need to be still and let God fill it again. Please know we, your readers, don’t expect you to be SuperWriter. Just know we’re here when you come back to us. I am 85 years old and have learned the lesson that we need these times of respite so God can get through our busyness to fill us again. We care! Please know that!

  4. I thought maybe the site had dropped my subscription . I am glad you took a break we all need rest. I agree with your new outlook!!!

  5. I agree with your other readers. Your blogs come from the heart which is filled by the Holy Spirit and they speak volumes of real life wisdom, encouragement and peace from God. I am learning that not all good things are my responsibility to do. I am only supposed to do the good things that God calls me to do, one day at a time because he may call me to do this particular thing for awhile but later call me to take a break from it. I am only able to hear God clearly when I am able to focus on him, which is very difficult to do when I am tired and depleted, even when I am tired and depleted from doing good things. I’m glad you took the break. Please welcome additional breaks as needed. We will diligently wait for your return.

  6. Doug,

    I have fallen behind in reading again, I’m slowly catching up. I started with your most recent and am now working backwards. I’m glad I did!! I want you to know that you definitely make a difference. I always enjoy what you write. I leave encouraged and leave with thoughts I want to keep with me. Even though we are from different religious tribes, we love the same Lord and Savior, your God is my God and my God is yours. Breaks are very important, writing every day can become quite a task. I’ve been writing for many years and this last year I have slowed down so much I often feel guilty. Like you though, I want to offer encouragement. I have been called in other areas this year and I do hope to write more often next year. I shall wait and see what God has in mind for me. May God continue to bless you, and don’t be afraid to take times of refreshing.

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