Moving from Station WIIFM

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There’s a internal radio station that the world seems to be dialed into: WIIFM, which stands for “What’s In It For Me?” It’s the whole attitude that we don’t do anything except that which benefits ourselves. Unfortunately, that mindset has thoroughly infiltrated the Christian community. People worship in order to get spiritually moved. People pray in order to receive answers. People go to church in order to get “fed.” People turn to God to get blessed.  For many, Christianity is a spiritual “WalMart”; spiritual consumers looking to get their needs met (at the best possible price – in terms of money, time and commitment!).

While it is entirely true that we look to God to meet all our needs, the Lord wants us to move on from being just spiritual consumers. There’s so much more to the abundant life than just “getting.” There is the blessing of “being”, of “becoming” and of “bestowing.”

BEING is the aspect of enjoying who we are in Christ. It is also enjoying the Supreme BEING – God, Himself. There are three aspects of being: understanding, thanksgiving and praising. We understand who we are in Christ through the Word. We remember to thank God for what He has done for us. We reflect and praise God for who He is. It sounds so simple, but are we really taking the time to DO these things? Or are we so worried about “getting mine” that all we have time for are “gimme prayers?” When you come to church or small group, do you come to “get” or to “give”? I guarantee that the Spirit will really flow in our gatherings if we come with the mindset to give a sacrifice of praise and worship to the Lord!

BECOMING is allowing God’s will to be done in our lives. It is allowing Jesus to have the final word in our decision making; even if it goes against our own desires. It is dying to ourselves and living for Christ. Too often we call Jesus “Lord”, but we do not do what He tells us! An indication that you are on the road to BECOMING (instead of getting) is that you are choosing to do God’s will over your own. When was the last time you made a decision based on God’s Word over your own desires? If it was more than a week or two ago, you are probably more dialed into WIIFM than you realize.

BESTOWING is being a blessing to others. It is an attitude that says, “I am God’s vessel; who can I bless today?” It is not seeking to do good to others in order to be recognized (Jesus speaks out against this type of spiritual manipulation in Matthew 7); rather, it is one of those things we do simply because we love God. In fact, the best type of bestowing is done anonymously.

We need to tune into the right station. Move the dial from WIIFM and sing the song of WCIDFY (What can I do for You?)

In what ways do you see “consumerism” and “narcissism” in the Christian church today?

What helps you to get beyond what’s in it for you to “what can I do for you”?

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