Making Life-Giving Adjustments

repetitive strain injury

I’m back from my break! I hope you enjoyed the reblogs on prayer last week.

I was getting somewhat burned out on writing the blog. I’m sure every blogger goes through this. What started off as something exciting and fresh eventually became one of those “putting the cart before the horse” type of scenarios. I felt the pressure of having to write a weekday blog. Sometimes it was so overwhelming that I went into long periods of writer’s block, and have to rely on reblogging some of my older articles.

Yet, I found that writing the blog to be life-giving, as well. It opened a part of my heart, soul and mind that needed stretching and developing. It also helped me to become a better writer and communicator. Finally, it caused me to take Whole Life Worship concept to a whole new level that I never knew existed.

That being said, after some prayer and soul searching, I decided to adjust the weekly rhythm of the Whole Life Worship blog. I think this rhythm offers the opportunity for new blogs to be written, while giving enough space and margin so that I don’t get burned out or feel the pressure to “have to” write.

I will try to write new blogs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesday will be a day of rest (it is when I take my Sabbath). Thursdays will be a “throwback” day where I will reblog an article from the past.

So the day this blog comes out will be on my Sabbath (Tuesday). I’ll be writing a new blog for tomorrow and Friday, with a reblog on Thursday.

We’ll see if this works. If not, I know I can go back to the “drawing board” – as you have all been so gracious to me in this process!

When have you had to revamp or cut back on something in order to make it more life-giving?

How does God guide you in coming to these decisions?

One thought on “Making Life-Giving Adjustments

  1. Doug, thank you for your service to us! Your transparency to mention what we all feel in whatever service we do for our Lord, however small or large, is what makes your blogs so real and so beneficial to each of us (or should I say to me)! It also opens the door for us to pray for each other. Thank you again. Anita

    Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 10:00:45 +0000 To:

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