Memo to Self


One of the great things I love about praying the Morning Office as part of my Personal Worship Time, is that it gives me a helpful reminder:

There is a God. And I’m not Him.

The “Call to Prayer,” “Request for Presence,” and “Greeting” always gets me realigned with this basic, but very profound truth of who God is and my constant need and dependency on Him for everything.

This morning’s “Call to Prayer” was from Psalm 100:

Know this:  The LORD himself is God, he himself made us, and we are the sheep of his pasture.


I say “wow,” not because this is a new concept for me. After all, knowing that Yahweh is God is the fundamental principle of Judeo-Christian belief. I say “wow,” because I saw – perhaps, for the first time – how diabolically easy it is for me to get off-course from that truth.

I think many, if not all, of us operate from the false assumption that because we are Christians, our hearts and minds are automatically defaulted to the “the LORD is God” mode. We assume that, when we wake up in the morning, we are centered on Jesus. Or as we go through our day, we have this natural awareness of God being with us. Or we will automatically do the right, godly thing in every situation because the Holy Spirit indwells us.

I think that is a very dangerous assumption and it plays right into the enemy’s hands. We get prideful, overconfident, and think that we’re going to be fine today. It becomes easy to by-pass the essential work of centering our lives on Christ and to tune our lives to his “perfect pitch.” We set ourselves up for getting tripped up when those bumps in life come at us. And we miss opportunities to be transformed or to be God’s vessels of light and love.

And it’s all because the wrong “god” is on the throne.

I’m learning that I need to displace myself off that throne. I’m learning that I need to officially “coronate” Christ as the King of my life every morning of every day – which is the essence of Personal Worship. Because when I don’t, guess who’s sitting on that throne?

Memo to Self: “Know that the LORD is God. It is He who has made YOU, and not we ourselves.”

Do you notice a difference in those days that you proactively recognize Christ’s Lordship and those days where you don’t?

Who is sitting on the throne of your life at this moment?

2 thoughts on “Memo to Self

  1. So true ! The mornings that I pray for God to be on the throne of my heart are the days that always have a better and different outcome than I could have ever seen coming 😉 so good!

    • It does make a difference, doesn’t it? So sad when we assume Jesus is on the throne and we go on controlling every movement of our lives. Kind of like the Queen of England – she’s only a figure head, not a ruler. Same with Jesus, if we don’t abdicate our throne to Him.

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