The Intentional Flow of “Through”


Have you ever experienced where you are doing something and it seems like something greater is flowing through you? Maybe it’s when you are doing a task or you’re in a conversation with someone or when you are serving in ministry. While you are doing it, you feel a lift or you get an insight or you gain energy or strength that is definitely “not of yourself.”

For me, I feel this flow of “through” when I am leading worship or preaching or writing this blog. But there have been times when I feel it when encouraging a person who is going through a rough spell. And many of those times, I’ve led them to a decision for Christ – and then Jesus takes it from there!

It’s truly a marvelous, wonderful experience to feel the flow of the “through!” Through Christ, through the Spirit, through Father – His power, His wisdom, His compassion, His grace.

Unfortunately, if you’re like me, this flow of the “through” is more accidental than it is intentional. A lot of the times, it is only by the grace of God that He works through me. It’s not because I ask for it, but because God providentially brings it into a situation that really needs it. I often wonder how many opportunities I’ve missed because I didn’t intentionally position myself for the flow of the “through”?

The familiar theme of this week, as we’ve looked at the holy prepositions (from, by, to, in, and with God/Christ), is intentionality. I think many struggle with being an “accidental Christian,” where God’s power, mercy, grace and love happen primarily because He is gracious – and not because we are proactive. As a result, I think we miss out on the amazing life Christ gives us. We settle for “eternal life” the here after, but we skip over the “abundant life” that is available to us here and now.

The secret to intention is to start with small, baby steps. It could be stopping to pray a quick 2-second prayer before starting a task (“Work through me, Lord”). It could be putting a coin in your shoe and every time you feel that coin, you turn to God. What helps me is praying part of morning office throughout the day:

“Almighty God, preserve me with your mighty power that I may not fall into sin nor be overcome by adversity, and in all I do direct me to the fulfilling of your purpose through Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen.”

Intentional flow of the “through” is a huge part of Whole Life Worship. It is making every thought and deed an act of worship to God; which can only be done “through” the flow of His power and presence.

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