Jesus Wants to Meet with Me!


I was in college when I started having a regular devotional time. I was excited to introduce this spiritual discipline in my life and, for the first few weeks, I was pretty consistent. But then it got increasingly difficult to maintain this time. I found it hard to stay awake while I read my Bible. My prayer time felt like I was just going through the motions. And on top of that there were things clamoring for my attention: from studying for tests and working on projects, to reading the newspaper and taking out the trash.

Then I read a little booklet that changed my perspective forever: My Heart, Christ’s Home by Robert Munger (#IVP) #myheartchristshome. Written from a metaphorical perspective of Jesus making his home in a new believer’s heart, one of the sections dealt with the devotional time which Munger called “The Living Room.” In the Living Room Christ spent one on one time with the believer. The line that got me was when Jesus told the believer (something to the effect of), “You’ve been thinking that this time is for you. That’s fine, but don’t you realize that I want to spend time with you? I redeemed your life at a great cost and I love you. Don’t miss this time, if only for My sake.”

Reading those words cut directly to my heart! I never thought that spending time with me was something that Christ wanted, something that He desired. I felt convicted, but at the same time affirmed. Jesus wants to spend time with me! It made me look at all that I do during my devotional time with different meaning and purpose. I wanted to hear His voice. I wanted to understand His heart. I longed for the intimacy and empowerment that such thinking implied. After awhile (as I understood the concept of Biblical worship), I no longer call that my quiet time or devotional time, but my Personal Worship time with Jesus.

Over the past 37 years that have transpired since that moment, I have drawn such great strength, profound insight, and deep encouragement from meeting personally with Jesus. Of course, there have been times when I lose sight of the relationship and drift back into the task mindset. As well, there have been times when Jesus wants me to learn how to wait on Him. And sometimes my sin and laziness still gets in the way. But He always draws me back to Him, because – you know – He really does want to spend time with me!

Did you know Jesus wants to spend time with you? That He desires your presence and company? That He longs to impart His heart to you? And that He wants to hear what’s on your heart (even though He already knows – He loves to hear you express it)?

He is jealous for me. His love is a hurricane; I am a tree bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy (#howheloves #johnmarkmcmillan)

3 thoughts on “Jesus Wants to Meet with Me!

  1. Love this 🙂 Thanks Doug xo

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  2. If Jesus [wants] to meet with His followers, why does it so often feel as though nothing of a two way exchange happens? I get on my knees and pray. I wait quietly to hear His voice. Nothing… I read scripture. I meditate and try to truly understand the meaning for me. I learn and grow over time and yet it still feels like a silent one-way exchange. I know it’s not true because I can see and touch and articulate the growth and change in my life and behaviors. One would think that if Jesus really [wants] to meet with us, He’d also [want] us to feel the reciprocity of that meeting when we go to Him and wait upon Him. It seems to make it more difficult; more of a chore to to go into His presence when there is silence in return. I seems to be a bit of a conundrum (at least for me).

    • You raise a great question! And it is more complex than can be answered in a short response. Two things: our expectations as to how God will speak to us gets in the way of us actually “hearing” him. The practice of “noticing” is helpful. Do you sense consolation at times when you read Scripture? Do you notice any physical sensations as you pray or listen? Do you notice something significant in your thoughts during your time with God? Do you notice peace or joy or caution or concern or dissatisfaction? It could be you or something else – or it could be God. It is okay to ask, “Is that you, Lord?” The other thought is our impatience of wanting God to reply to us on demand. Sometimes His silence is saying something to us. He is not obligated to respond to us, since He is God. But his silence does not mean he is absent or that he doesn’t love us – for he does! I also recommend Dallas Willard’s book “Hearing God” – it might be helpful. Thanks for such an insightful question!

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