Sorry About the Mis-Start

Hi Friends,

I had a new post written for wholelifeworship today, but it got lost somewhere in the WordPress cyberspace. And unfortunately, I wrote it straight to the blogsite which means: I didn’t save a copy on my hard drive! (yeah, I know – it sounds like the “dog ate my homework” excuse!)

It’s all very humbling, especially since I announced that I was restarting the blog. And in some ways it was a test to see if my heart was really in the right place to start blogging. In the past, I would have scrambled at all costs to write something or even repost an old blog in fear of what my readers would think if I didn’t fulfill my promise. But I’m really trying to make this a God-thing, not a co-dependent thing and certainly not a Doug-thing. There were reasons why my post got lost and didn’t get published. We trust in the sovereignty of God in these things that are out of our control.

So I humbly apologize for the delay. I will write something soon. But right now, I have to use the time I have to write a sermon that I will be preaching at church tomorrow (please pray for me – I seem to be stuck in doing this as well). I’m so thankful for your encouragement and willingness to journey with me again.

Hopefully and God wiling – and I mean that in the strongest sense – I’ll have something posted by next week.

Thanks again for your patience,


3 thoughts on “Sorry About the Mis-Start

  1. It was the perfect start, full of honesty. It serves to help me to be strong and willing to bend when the details of God’s plan differ from my expectations. So, thank you very much for sharing the truth!

  2. Doug,
    God bless you for your faithfulness, honesty and devotion to God and the CBC body! We look forward to your words of encouragement…whenever they arrive. 😁 Thank you for allowing us to partner with you on this journey…and good luck on the sermon!😉
    Karen Anderson
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