Prayers, Please

I don’t like using my blog as a personal forum, but I need your help and prayers. I am really suffering. The past few days have been really bad with nausea, dry heaves, loss of appetite, not sleeping at night, and feeling extremely weak. I have prayed, literally hours on end at night, for God to give me some sense of relief. Eventually, I get there; but not until I have endured much travail. I’m getting weary and I’m at the point where I’m about ready to lose it. I’ve just contacted my kidney doctor and we’re going to try adding more dialysis. However, I want to ask for you to pray for me as well. I believe in the power of prayer and intercession and I’m not to proud to ask for it. So if you can lift me up to the Father’s arms, in the name of Jesus Christ, as the Holy Spirit leads you, I would greatly appreciate it.

Good news is that the transplant date is confirmed for June 18th. Letty is healthy. My pre-op date is May 30th. And I got the surgeon who was originally scheduled to do my surgery – Dr. Garnett. So 27 days and counting. God is good.

Thank you so very much!

5 thoughts on “Prayers, Please

  1. We’ve been praying daily for your improved health and strength of Spirit. I can’t imagine the agony you’re in.

    Lord have mercy and grant Doug strength to persevere thru the discomfort. Help doctors to find relief for him. In Jesus name, Amen

  2. Hi Doug,

    I’ve added you to our churches prayer circle and have been asked if you would like a prayer quilt.  If you say yes, they will present one this Sunday and folks can pray for you while tying a knot for your quilt.

    Let me know if this sounds good.

    God bless,


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