Live Update #1

Hi everyone! We’re here at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Its 4:43am and we’re waiting for check in. After that they’ll be checking my potassium level and if all goes well, Letty will be prepped for her surgery in the morning. Dr. Baldwin will be doing the procedure of removing Letty’s left kidney. It should take 2-3 hours. Then I’ll be prepped for transplant surgery. Dr. Garnett will be doing the transplant. She won’t be taking my old kidneys out; just putting the new one in (so I’ll have 3 inside me). She will be removing my peritoneal catheter (which allowed me to do dialysis for the past 5 months). The procedure should also take 2-3 hours. I’ll be in ICU for awhile as I recover. The next time you hear from me, hopefully and prayerfully, I’ll be writing from my hospital rooom with a good report!

See you on the other side! And thanks for your prayers for Letty and me!

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