I’m Back!

I know it’s been awhile. You’ve been expecting to get another inspiring blog from wholelifeworship.com but you haven’t seen one in a LONG time.

I apologize. It’s my bad. Since my kidney transplant in 2018, I haven’t been writing. Part of it has to do with the season of life I was in. I was busy in ministry and adjusting to my new health situation (I had a couple of set backs, but I’m doing really well now). But part of it was that the “wind” was gone in my sails. There was no inspiration from the Holy Spirit. I had nothing to write about.

But that has all changed.

Long story short, I transitioned out of local church ministry (a long story that I’ll get to at some time) and I am in a new season of life where I can focus on expanding and developing Whole Life Worship. Mostly, God has been speaking to my heart and there is wind back in my sails! I feel inspired to write again. I sense God calling me to continue to develop and expand this ministry.

So all that to say – I’m back!

In the next few days, expect to see the next Whole Life Worship blog. For those who read on my Facebook page, expect to see it each week (so check out my FB posts). For those who subscribe to my blog, expect to see this in your inbox (and if you want to subscribe and have it sent to you, just go to wholelifeworship.com and enter your email address on the subscription box on the right column of my homepage).

In the coming months, I’ll also be experimenting with creating Whole Life Worship podcasts and posting video devotionals. You’ll also hear about my new “church” experiment called “missional community,” where I am also devoting some of my time and energy as a volunteer pastoral leader to see something special get started.

Not being employed by a local church means that I am raising support – both prayer support and financial support. If you’re interested in learning more about this, let me know. Drop me a note at wholelifeworship@gmail.com or text me at 951-809-4708. Or if you’re ready to support me, you can go to wholelifeworship.com and click on “Donate.”

But, I’m just happy to be back and to connect with you again! Let me know what you think of the upcoming blogs that I’ll be sending out. If you’re a subscriber, I would appreciate your comments and feedback.

Alrighty then… See you in a couple of days! And may God bless you as you live for Jesus 24/7 in whole life worship!

14 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. So very good to hear from you Doug. I’ve asked Sandy Sheen about you often. I still go to a bible study with a few CBC ERS. I’ve been going to Abundant Life. Looking forward to your blog. I was always was moved by your messages. I pray your boys are well. Please tell Letty hello. I miss the way Life Line was. Good friendships made there. God be with you. Pam Lawson

  2. Woohoo my Brother! Welcome back! God ain’t done with you yet!! Looking forward to see what our Lord will be asking you to do ! (Rom 12:1-2)

    To God be the Glory !!

  3. So great to have you back – sharing your heart on whole life worship. May God richly bless this ministry that inspires us all to go deeper. Love ya brother!

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