A Journey into Something More

For those of you who don’t know, I started a new ministry in the Fall of 2021. It’s called “Something More Ministries” and it is very connected with the WholeLifeWorship concept. I’ve been wanting to tell you about it for some time. And that time is now!

But first, a little background on how this all came about.

Almost a year ago to this date, I went through a difficult transition. After 30 years of being on the pastoral staff at my local church, I was informed that my position was not going to continue and that I did not figure into the future plans of the church. I was confused and hurt, but the larger question on my mind was: “What’s next?” I wasn’t ready for retirement and something in my soul said that God was not done with me in ministry. Despite of my physical limitations, there was more left in my tank. I felt I could do something more. The only problem is that I wasn’t sure what that was.

Then I got a lot of great help from loving friends. I was able to process my hurt, confusion and grief with the help of a good friend, who is an amazing counselor to pastors. I also had another good friend who believed in me and went out of his way to create some possible options for me to step into. He guided me to another good friend, the founder and president of a global missional organization, who allowed me to start a new ministry under his non-profit umbrella so I could start raising financial support. 

Most importantly, I took time for a 3-month Sabbatical where I took many spiritual retreats to seek the Lord’s direction as to what He wanted me to do. This required me to press into God as never before. There were a lot of tears, a lot of silence and stillness, a lot of soul-searching and examination, as well as a lot of rest and waiting. This season of sabbatical led me to understand the key concept of the Christian journey: TRUST. Trusting in God. Trusting in His ability to speak to me through the Spirit and Word. Trusting in His timing. Trusting Him to take care of us financially. Trusting that He would somehow be able to tangibly lead me into something more.

And God revealed to me that my release from local church ministry actually was His plan to grant me freedom to write my own job description. That excited me! So, I asked God (and myself), “If I could do anything to help God’s Kingdom to move forward, what would that be?” Prayerfully, I examined my strengths, charted my past experiences, looked at what types of ministry was most “life-giving” for me, and where I had the greatest impact in people’s lives.

It was interesting that what came to mind was not leading throngs of people in worship of God. Nor was it about preaching sermons, nor directing productions, nor planting churches, nor creating amazing worship services. The one thing that the Spirit zeroed in on was my ability to “see” people (many of whom were invisible in the church), to come alongside them, to mentor/coach them, to get them spiritually connected to God (through WholeLifeWorship) and to help them to realize their potential in Christ.

I thought about the dozens of people who I saw and came alongside and, with a little encouragement, mentoring and vision, they grew to become ministry leaders, worship leaders, pastors and church planters. They were students, housewives, grocers, construction workers, salesmen, clerks, and nurses; all from various ordinary walks of life who didn’t realize that God created them to have powerful spiritual impact on their world. They had something much more to offer than they were aware. I also thought of many people who were stuck in life, facing predicaments (failing marriages, parenting struggles, financial difficulties), or couldn’t gain traction in their spiritual lives – and God gave me the opportunity and privilege to walk beside them and help them get to a better, stronger place.

So, that’s what I am doing now. I’m helping people to discover and live into the Something More that God created them for. Just as God led me and brought to me many friends who encouraged me into a Something More life, I want to help others to do the same.

My approach is very simple. I coach and mentor people who long for something more in their lives by meeting with them one hour a month (in person or remotely). I then form small groups with those I am coaching to learn more about the Something More journey. I write curriculum for these small groups that the give people Biblical foundations and tools for the Something More journey. And I explore new topics for Something More by writing weekly blogs for WholeLifeWorship. My desire is to see this ministry grow and multiply through raising up and training Something More Coaches, Small Group Leaders, as well as more authors for WholeLifeWorship blogs (as you have read over the past few weeks).

I envision hundreds (maybe thousands??) of people being helped to discover and live into God’s Something More for them – and having a profound impact on their families, communities and the world around them, as well as being transformed into the Christ-like people God called them to be.

God has provided financial means for all this ministry to take place through the generous donations by friends, colleagues and churches who believe in this vision (if you would like to contribute to this ministry, click here).

And if you are interested in being coached or mentored or encouraged in the Something More God created you for, just email me: wholelifeworship@gmail.com

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be unpacking the Something More concept with you. In the meantime, I encourage you to personally reflect on these questions:

1. Have you sensed a desire or hunger to be, do or experience something more from your life?

2. How is that desire or hunger manifested? Is it a longing, a discontentment, a dream, a frustration, a wonder, a crisis or transition?

3. If you could step into Something More, how could God use you to change the world around you?

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