Reconnection Points


Sometimes I get lost on the Way. It’s not that I intentionally go wayward. Most often, I get off the path without even knowing it. I start my day with the Lord in Personal Worship. I try to be aware of God through Worship in the Everyday Ordinary; doing my tasks as worship to Him (“practicing the Presence”), surrendering to Him difficult moments (“welcoming prayer”), and inviting His presence into empower what I do (“sacrament of the present moment”).

But even then, I can easily get off course. The busyness of my schedule, the mundaneness of being in the world, the distractions that come my way, and the insidious inclinations of my false self (not to mention the devil) cause me to float adrift in the current away from Christ.

That’s why it’s good to have reconnection points.

When I was growing up as a child, whenever we went to the County Fair (a highlight as a kid) my dad would tell me, “If we get separated, just come to this certain place at this certain time and we will reconnect.” That gave me tremendous security, knowing that if I ever got lost on the way, my Dad would always be able to find me.

We can apply the same principle to our spiritual lives. The Father and I have spiritual reconnection points during my day – a time and a place where we “meet” up. It’s like my Personal Worship Time in the morning, only shorter (5-15 minutes). It’s a time for me to get recalibrated to God’s frequencies, to pour out my heart to him, and to lift up my eyes to heaven.

We have two reconnecting points: mid-day (between 11am and 1pm) and evening (after 5pm). I usually pray some form of the Daily Office. But sometimes I’ll just pause for a few minutes of Silent Prayer, read a passage of Scripture, and pray spontaneously.

We see establishing reconnection points with God throughout the Scriptures: the Psalmist, Daniel, Jesus, and the Apostles. It was expected of any faithful Jew to pray at least three times a day. It was a standard practice of the Early Church. But it seems to be a forgotten rhythm in the contemporary, Western Protestant Church (like the Sabbath).

For the Whole Life Worshiper, reconnection points are vital to the integration of faith into real life. More important, it helps me to find my Abba Daddy when I get lost in the crazy “fairgrounds” of life.

Do you have reconnection points with God in your day?

What would help you to reconnect with God?

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