Checking In


I apologize for such a long break between blogging. Some of you have been wondering, “What happened to Doug and wholelifeworship?” Some have even thought there was something wrong with your email or with WordPress (my blogging site).

No, there’s nothing wrong with your email or the website.

I just haven’t written any blog posts for over a month. There are reasons and excuses. Professionally, there have been some major transitions in my department. So there have been some emotional goodbyes to dear friends (they are good, by the way). And it has taken some time to get my new staff oriented and functioning (they are wonderful, by the way).

Personally, there have been some bumps in the road – some family things, some health things (nothing serious), and just some adjustments to be made because I’m getting older.

But mainly, I just haven’t had much inspiration to write. I promised myself that I would not write a blog post just to keep up with expectations (of others or my own). I didn’t feel it was right to just write on random things for the sake of keeping up the blog’s momentum. And most of all, I want this blog to be from the “overflow” of my soul.

To tell you the truth, while a lot has been going on in my soul over this past month, it hasn’t been formed enough to “name” or put into words.

So as unnerving as it has been for me (I am incredibly co-dependent who demands a lot from myself), I am being “schooled” by God to wait on him. Waiting to be filled. Waiting for the next wind of the Spirit. Waiting for the “seasoning” of my soul, heart, and mind that will result in something worth writing about.

I do sense something is coming. I’m confident that I will start writing again. I’m not sure when it is coming. And I have no idea whether it will be as regular as it was.

But I appreciate your patience. And I’m checking in with you. I’m still alive and well – thank the Lord!

One of my wholelifeworship friends told me that she went on my website and started reading some of my past posts. I was encouraged by that comment and I want to pass that idea onto you – if it’s something that would be helpful to you. Just go to and find the box on the lower right hand side, entitled “Archives,” and you can catch up and some blog posts you may have missed in the past.



8 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. You speak of writing blogs in the future but as long as your write from your soul as you have done here, you have written a whole life worship blog. Thank you for your transparency. It’s the part for which I relate. And it’s the part from which I am blessed. Thank you for it. May God bless you in return.

  2. Thank you for the check-in. I was one of those people who thought maybe my email just wasn’t working right. I found myself becoming dependent on your blog as part of my morning devotional throughout the work week. It became a necessity. I realized I could get other words of wisdom from God by a mighty source all on its own…my bible. But…I still look forward to your words. Thank you for your inspirations.

  3. Dear Dr. Doug,

    I so appreciate your honesty and transparency. What a great inspiration you are to all of us. Wait away!


    Carolyn Pruitt
    Administrative Assistant of Community Life
    909.945.5001 x277

  4. Good morning Doug! I totally understand. I know the shift of ministry that has had to take place at CBC and stepping into something like Lifeline isn’t easy, plus all your other duties!! Just want you to know that we appreciate ALL that you do. You do it from the heart. We appreciate you. God bless, Anita

    Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2014 10:01:30 +0000 To:

  5. Hi Doug, I love your sharing because I know it’s from your heart. The first sermon in the David series was on waiting. My notes from Scott’s sermon says while we wait God deepens our relationship with him, glorifies himself in our waiting and prepares us for a task. “I wait for for you O Lord; you will answer O Lord.” Ps 38:15 When God reveals his plan, it will be glorious and well worth the wait. Blessings on you my friend. Phyllis

  6. Wow. God is good and today’s post on letting God lead and not just do something for the sake of doing something, spoke volumes to me. It is a difficult thing to be in that uncomfortable place where “not doing something” is what is required but so awkward for us to embrace and letting God lead us, not trying to fill in and do it on our “own” accord. Thank you for being transparent and honest. As Jesus said that He does nothing that His father didn’t do, meaning that we don’t create but we follow, we don’t initiate, we wait even when there is “uncomfortable silence.”

  7. Doug, thank you for always writing from your heart and especially out of the overflow. You are a inspiration to me even when your not sure what to say or write. You live Whole Life Worship everyday and I aspire to have your patience in waiting instead of just plowing forward for the sake of doing something. Praying for you and for this beautiful season of waiting and being still before the Lord. Blessing to you, your family and your ministry. Kathy

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